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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Three Stooges has a Solid Opening Weekend, but Critics are Divided

  The Three Stooges opens with a 17.1 million dollar weekend. This is in comparison to Hunger Games earning 21.5 on its third weekend in theatres. This seems like The Three Stooges was a flop, but I feel it was geared toward the cult fans of The Three Stooges to begin with. The producers understood that the goofy comedy would be no match for the tween blockbuster(Hunger Games) anyway, so it is highly possible that they marketed this movie to the smaller group of Stooge fans from the getgo. The aging group of movie goers knows that that the tween readers demographic would not care much this aging comedy classic.
  The critics seem divided on the stooges. It seems split right down the middle, which was to be expected. Most of the bad reviews stem form the issues of introducing comedy set in a time before most of the moviegoers were even born into modern situations. The haters said it did not seem to be believable that these characters could seem so so out of place. Some loved it for staying so true to the original. The main issue writers must have faced in writing the script is how far to stray from the original characters.
  On the one hand superfans of the orignial Moe, Larry and Curly would be outraged if their beloved dimwits were changed in any way. On the other hand the younger audience hoped that the movie would be somewhat updated and appealing. Both hands could notbe pleased. So it seems the official opening weekend report on The Three Stooges is that its not for everyone, but it might be for you. What are your thoughts?

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